Liturgical and Pastoral Council

Canon law stipulates that liturgical and pastoral council members should be Christians in full communion with the Catholic Church, and that they be outstanding in faith, morals, and prudence. The members are drawn from all regions and social groups of our parish.

St. Anthony’s Liturgical and Pastoral Council aims to deliberate and help the Pastor to organize and make decisions on pastoral concerns on behalf of the whole community, focusing on evangelization and stewardship while creating a climate of openness, trust, mutuality, and respect that models the communion of the Universal Church as the Body of Christ.

Liturgical and Pastoral Council meets at least quarterly.
Members as of July 11, 2022

Pastor: Rev. Denny Joseph, RCJ
Secretary: Andrea Martinez
Assistant Secretary: Sonia Reyna

The Liturgical and Pastoral Council is made up of members of the parish Eucharistic Ministers, Faith Formation Programs, Lectors, La Sociedad Guadalupana, Adoracion Noctura, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters, Intentional Disciples, Respect Life, Danzas, Grief Ministry, Spanish Greeters and the leaders of the Altar Servers and various youth groups.