"Savor the Past, Build for the Future"

Twenty four families were determined to have a house in which to worship our Lord and Savior not only for their families but for future generations to come. One hundred years later we are asked to have the faith and love to construct our house of worship for our immediate families and our future families to come. We have out grown our beautiful church that was built to seat three hundred. With nearly one thousand registered families many of us have to stand at most of our masses. We have estimated our non registered families to be around two thousand. With that in mind our parishioner families are just under three thousand.

On many occasions we have held services for our fallen brothers and sisters at other non Catholic Churches to accommodate our parishioners. We also hold many other services such as confirmation, first communion, or other large functions at the high school performing arts building due to the lack of seating in our current church.

It is time for us to build our next church for our current families, but more importantly for our future families.

Monsignor John Esquivel started the process by forming committees to help build our next house to worship our Lord and Savior

The Design Committee has done an excellent job of developing a church that will meet our current and future needs, like our twenty four families did over one hundred years ago. We estimate the cost to build our new church at $7.5 million dollars. $3.5 million dollars is needed to begin construction

The Capital Campaign Committee was formed to raise the much needed funds. We started our fund raising efforts less than a year ago and have been blessed with the generosity of three hundred and thirty nine families pledging $850,000. Although our dedicated groups of volunteers have done an awesome job of raising this amount money in this short amount of time, we are far short of our goal of raising $3.5 million to begin construction. As many of you know, we own the property where our new church will be built and have raised a good amount of money. However we need your help to start construction and ask for you to help by donating what you can afford to give.

As we move forward with our next phase of fund raising we ask for your continued financial support. In the coming months we will have several fund raising activities that we pray you will support. We will continue to go door to door asking our parishioners to join the 339 families that have currently pledged their support. There are many ways to donate. You may make a one time donation, pledge a monthly amount, donate CD, bonds, real state, vehicles, or anything of value. All donations are confidential and can be made utilizing our secure and safe web site using your credit card. We can set up automatic withdrawals on a monthly basis should you wish that convenience. If you would like to join our group of volunteers please contact the Parish office at 637-1944

Monsignor John Esquivel, Capital Campaign Committee, Design Committee, Finance Council, and our group of volunteers express our sincere appreciation for your continued support, and pray you will find it in your hearts to help our efforts. God Bless you All.